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Responsive Home Builder's Website

The Problem to Solve:

An expanding local home builder's website was in need of a design refresh that allowed for easier content management and flexibility.

I've worked with Fortress Builders since their conception and have continually evolved their website alongside their rapid expansion. These guys set out to build high quality homes from the beginning and staying true to that commitment has served them well. They're a unique builder that continually seeks better ways to build and stay years ahead of the competition. 

The Existing Site:

They were already the first builder in town to have a completely responsive website (design and hand-coded by yours truly). Getting ahead of the game with HTML5 laid a strong SEO foundation. But, their website had received so many quick additions that the original design was no longer working. Not to mention, the custom content management system was getting in the way more than helping. I decided to turn to SquareSpace for content management on the new site. 

New website home page

The end result: 

  • a great looking, easy to use website
  • built on a grid providing full responsiveness 
  • infinite scalability

The new site is ever-evolving. The client is very satisfied and receives only positive feedback. One improvement we made with this site vs. the former, was strategically placed contact forms in numerous areas. This has greatly increased customer engagement (and they receive virtually no spam). 

Roles: Conceptualization, Information Architecture, UI Design, light JS and CSS