Clint McKoy


Creative Works by Clint McKoy

Interactive Home Designer

The Problem to Solve:

A local home builder needed a way to see what their homes would look like with certain color and material choices, before actually building the home. 

The Solution:

An interactive home designer powered by HTML5, jQuery, and ColdFusion with capabilities like:

  • saving a customized plan for further viewing/editing
  • jpg exporting
  • printing a customized plan with spec list
  • secure login/logout 

I handled all aspects of this project including, conceptualization, visual design, front end development, and back end development. The app features a user-friendly interface, responsive interactions, and smooth transitions. 

Most home design apps I found had confusing interfaces that usually covered the actual home while making selections. The controls for this app were intentionally positioned to stay out of the way so as not to obscure your view of the home while designing. I also made sure the controls and home remain viewable (on standard screen sizes) without scrolling.

Roles: Conceptualization, UI Design, Front End Development, Back End Development, Database Design